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Fiestica de cumple de Cami

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Fiestica de cumple de Cami

Orlando y Cami

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About me

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This page is designed to share my work and ideas. I am a PhD in Political Science and International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego (joint program in Political Science of IR/PS and the Political Science Department). My research interests are primarily focused on issues related with executive-legislative relations in Latin American presidential systems: legislative procedure, broad issues of institutional change and design and public policy, role of legislative institutions in the policy-making process.

The Andean Region is my primary focus, as well as Brazil.

Currently I am assistant professor at the department of political science at University of los Andes, and the chair of Congreso Visible.

Here is my curriculum vitae in Spanish.

Here is my curriculum vitae in English.

Thank you for visiting.

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